Competition Maker 2009

Setting up and managing a teams or individual players competition couldn't be more easy. Just download and install Competition Maker and consult the Help file. It contains a complete manual.
You may also want to view an online demo or download the video clip here.


  • No team will have to play more than two consecutive home or away games.
  • Every team plays one home and one away game in the last two competition weeks, both midseason and end season. This avoids teams benefiting from consecutive home games in those sometimes crucial competition weeks.
  • Within the template, pairs of teams can be set so that they will never play home or away games in the same week - with one exception, when classified in the same division, they have to play each other. This is a welcome solution for those teams having to share the same venue.
  • Additionally, the pairs will not play each other in the last two competition weeks - again avoiding two teams belonging to the same club drawing advantage of playing one another in those weeks.