Competition Maker 2009

How to install

  • Download the self extracting file InstallCM2009.exe and run it.
    Competition Maker 2009 is a fully stand-alone program. It runs without the need for DLL's, OCX's or whatever to be installed and it will not add to or change anything in your computer's registry. You can even install it on an USB Memory Stick and then run it on any computer.
  • The installer will unconpres the program files to where you want them. Default folder is C:\Competition Maker 2009\ (if C: is your root drive).
  • You may choose a different location, but please make sure to leave the \Competition Maker 2009\ folder intact.
  • When the installation is completed, an information file will open. Please read this, then close it and launch Competition Maker.
  • You can upgrade from a previous version even while you are already running a competition. The installer will only replace the necessary program files and will leave your competition data and options unchanged.

Downloads on 2010-05-03 : 2500